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About 21Chia

We're crypto enthusiasts with decades of experience in software engineering. We ran pools during the 2014 crypto bull run and we're here to be the best Chia pool you can find.

We are also entrepreneurs and our unique experience and skillsets guarantee a solid and reliable farming experience. Our farmers can expect fair and regular payouts in a pool that doesn't let them down.

Why farm with 21Chia?

Because we give farmers what they want. We are reliable and dependable.

Daily payouts
Low fees

Farm like in no other pool: choose PPLNS or PPS. Seeing your wallet empty is a thing of the past. Get paid your fair share now!

PPLNS 0% fee for 3 months at launch. 0.5% fee afterwards.

Easy to use

Join 21Chia by using our URL in the official Chia client, log into your dashboard directly.

For your privacy, there's no need to provide personally-identifiable data.

Solid infrastructure
Secure by design

High performance servers in world-class datacenters with high speed connectivity.

Redundancy, security and scalability by design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now! Get the latest version from and start farming. We're basing our pool in the official Chia network pooled mining specification. See the pooling user guide for more info on how to get started. Remember our pool address:

With the new official pooled mining specification, farming to a pool is very easy and can be managed from the Chia client, as you can see in this video from Chia. See the pooling user guide for more info.
Our mainnet pool address is

Yes, you'll need to plot again once. Old ("original" or OG) plots cannot be used in the official pool specification and they're not safe for pooled mining since they're bound to a fixed pool key.

The new "portable" plots support farming to your own smart contract that can be assigned to a pool of your choice and switch pool on demand. The plot format is actually the same, the difference is you bind the new ones to your contract NFT.

Quick summary (see the pooling user guide for more detail):

1 - Create an NFT first if you don't have one already (this is the token that contains a smart contract to which you'll be farming), it will ask you which wallet to use if you have several and it will show the pool info and ask you if you’re sure:
chia plotnft create -s pool -u

2 - Do chia plotnft show and take note of your “P2 singleton address (pool contract address for plotting)”, that’s the address you’ll need to create plots.

3 - Do chia plots create using option -c instead of -p. Put the P2 singleton address there after option -c.

  If you want to plot faster use the madmax plotter

0% fee for the first 3 months! 0.5% afterwards on PPLNS. And yes, our lifetime 0% fee offer is true, for those who farm with us until August 7.

You can choose between PPS or 0% fee PPLNS in you farmer dashboard settings:

- PPS is great if you want to get paid regardless of pool luck, even if we don't find blocks in a while. It's your chance to get 100% assured payouts that only depend on the work you do (the partials you submit), but it has a 2% fee to compensate the added risk for the pool.

- On PPLNS farmers will share block rewards proportionally to work done (points earned) over a previous time window.

- Payouts are made daily after 9pm UTC to the address you've configured in the Chia farmer. Your points will be reset when the pool farms a block and distributes the PPLNS amounts. For more info about payout methods, see here. There is a 24h cooldown period for switching back and forth to PPS.

Terms for the zero fee lifetime offer: you need to join the 21Chia pool before August 8 00:00 UTC and farm on the pool (submit partials and earn points). Please note any zero fee offer expires if you leave the pool (from July 16 onwards, not earning at least 10 points every day after the first is considered leaving too).